Eleanor Van Natta

About Me

photo by Sandy Baltazar

photo by Sandy Baltazar

After more than five years as a freelance publicist with a focus on authors, in December of 2014 I joined my husband in creating our company, Van Natta Marketing Group LLC. In addition, I am seeking literary representation and publication for my completed memoir, The Girl With A Hole In Her Heartas I continue to pursue my love of writing. I am also in the process of writing a Young Adult novel set in the late 1980’s.

June, 2016: I have re-opened to accepting new clients on a case-by-case basis. My preferences and the bulk of my experience lies in the areas of non-fiction health, wellness, psychology, and mind/body/spirit books, but I have also represented fiction with success. As always,  a well-written and timely or timeless book is what I seek. My goal is always to provide an author with a springboard – and the confidence – to begin promoting their book(s) on their own. Please contact me to discuss your book, my rates, and my availability. 



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