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About Me

Photo by Sandy Baltazar

Photo by Sandy Baltazar

I am an independent freelance author publicist based in the Pacific Northwest in beautiful Washington state, just across the Columbia River from Portland, OR. I have loved books and reading from the time I can remember. My first love was fairy tales and anything to do with King Arthur (thus my current love for historical fiction) and then it was on to Wuthering Heights. I have a degree in Zoology from the University of California, Davis, but I worked in the bookstore part-time for three of my four years so I must have envisioned a future in books. I also have well over a decade in sales and marketing experience in pharmaceutical sales and environmental remediation.

The majority of my experience and contacts relate to non-fiction books, but I have also publicized novels for the right book/author. Please see the Publicity Services page for more about what I do. Happy Reading and Writing!

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